Brief Introductionof Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine(BFHICWM)

  Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine (hereinafter referred to as “the Hospital”), is sponsored by the Chaoyang district government. It is a public medical institution committed to delivering clinical medical treatment, innovative scientific research, rigorous medical education, rehabilitation, emergency, disease prevention, and health care. Main hospital area is located in the Central Business District (CBD) core area.

  The Hospital was founded in 1936 by the contribution of Song Zheyuan, the anti-Japanese patriotic general, and its primitive name was Beiping Eastern Suburb Civilian Hospital. In 1997, it passed the review and evaluation for the Class A secondary general hospital. At present, the hospital has become the eastern regional medical center in Beijing. It has won the honorary title “national reliable and demonstrative hospital for people”, and it also has been awarded “the First Affiliated Hospital of Institute of Basic Theory of Chinese medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences” and “the Teaching Hospital of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine”. In April 2015, the hospital has been rated as the Class-A tertiary hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine.

  Currently, there are three branches in the Hospital, including CBD Branch, Dongba Branch and Laiguangying Branch (under construction), and the total area is about 61,300 square meters. There are more than thousands employees in the post now; and more than 160 graduate degrees or above. The number of fixed beds is 1513. The Hospital owns a series of modern medical equipments such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), 64-slice spiral CT, etc.

  The second name of the hospital is Beijing Cardiac Rehabilitation Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. Professor Hu Dayi the well-known cardiovascular disease expert has been engaging as the center director. The center pools multidisciplinary experts and provides full medical services for the cardiopath with first-class technology.

  The Hospital has more than 30 clinical departments and medical departments, e.g., Cardiovascular internal medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, respiratory medicine, renal medicine, ICU, surgery, pediatrics, emergency department, acupuncture, rehabilitation, radiology, clinical laboratory, ultrasound diagnosis department, etc. Cardiovascular internal medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics are the key disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing. Based on the original Chaoyang Medical Examination Center, the Hospital positively has developed Chinese health preservation and healthcare, for building the center of “preventive treatment of disease” with highlighted feature of integrated Chinese and western medicine.

  Complying the motto of “integrity, virtue, kindheartedness and precision medicine”, the Hospital considers patient oriented, plays its advantage in integration of Chinese and western medicine and insists on the combination of inheritance and innovation. The Hospital complies with the construction thought of “cultivate well-known doctors, develop well-known departments, and build well-known hospital”, adopts the “six change engineering projects” as driving force including clinical position project of integrated Chinese and western, construction project of integrated Chinese and western, TCM practical training project for western medicine, medicine service team project of integrated Chinese and western, management information project of integrated Chinese and western and service brand characteristic project of integrated Chinese and western. According to the State Administration of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Health and Family Planning Commission of Chaoyang District, the hospital will build the "five type hospital" with the core as learning-oriented, integration-oriented, research-oriented, service-oriented, intelligent-oriented, and promoting the construction of a hospital with three areas steadily and orderly, and also will construct a well-known feature of integrated Chinese and western medicine hospital in the region of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei during the period of the 13th Five years Plan.